letterman cardigan sweater

Design Your Own Letterman Sweater

Remember that kind of sweater that used by cool and handsome guys in the movies about college? Awesome isn’t it? That kind of sweater is called letterman sweater which is very popular with the youth communities, and guess what? You can have that kind of sweater with your own design now! Letterman sweater has one great characters that shown in the sweater, and it’s the capital letter that always put […]

mohair cardigan sweater

Feel Warm And Comfy With Mohair Sweater

because this sweater make you feel warm during the cold weather and you can go outside by wearing this sweater. There are many types of mohair sweater and every types has its own character which depend on the quality and the materials used for this sweater. You will not get bored with this kind of sweater because there are so many variations that you can have, and just imagine wearing […]

tacky christmas sweaters for men

Mens Christmas Sweater For Christmas Gift

Still confuse about the right gift for your dad, boyfriend, or best friend for this Christmas? How about Christmas sweater for the men of your life? That’s it, surely the best gift ever for him. Besides the gift will represents Christmas itself, it’s also useful to be a good equipment for the winter. It’s better than spend a lot of money into another gift that lack of Christmas spirit. Mens […]

military jacket womens

Womens Military Jacket

Back then when women was forced indirectly to be feminine due to their gender, men who have important or higher position in military have prestige to wear military coat. Their army wore it as well, but not as good quality as their majors. After entering the new era of modernization, women have more freedom to express their fashion style as women are not always being feminine, right? Now many stores […]

womens black quilted jacket

Womens Quilted Jacket

Back then when Steve Guylas and his wife invented quilted jacket, they later became supplier of quilted jacket to the Royal British Army and it began having its fame as womens quilted jacket soon after Queen Elizabeth wore it for riding. It was then followed by many celebrities. Does Womens Quilted Jacket Have More Variations? Yes, it does. The current fashion trends love putting leather part as accessories such as […]